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About Us

Vision & Mission

We seek to cultivate and celebrate works of mercy, social justice, and ecological sustainability as the foundation for a nonviolent, compassionate way of life. 

We are New Community Project 

"Launched in August 2003, New Community Project is a small 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization with a big goal: to change the world. We provide resources that challenge us, experiences that change us, and a community that gives us hope. Our focus is on environmental sustainability and social justice, both of which are essential for a peaceful human community." 

Our global partnerships include communities in

Central & South America & the Caribbean



United States


Connect with our larger work around the country and around the world. To learn more about NCP visit


New Community Project

We are the New Community Project Sustainable Living Center in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Vine & Fig is a program of New Community Project (NCP), a small nonprofit organization with a Big Goal: to change the world. We are committed to the creation of sustainable systems that care for the earth, empower people most marginalized and impoverished, educate and inspire, and build the foundation for a nonviolent lifestyle. We work to create transformation at both the personal level and community level in three key areas that have the highest impact; food, transportation, and built environment.


NCP considers the spiritual dimension of our lives to be important and seeks to bring about deep inner change in our personal and societal values. However, we welcome and work with anyone who shares our commitment to a world of peace and justice and sustainability.

Vine and Fig is both an urban village, and a non-profit organization located in a low-income neighborhood, next to one of Virginia's most polluted streams, and was the site of two crack houses. With this foundation and the love of many friends, we have renovated three houses, began stream restoration on Blacks Run, tended and tilled the soils, and have created interconnected gardens. Our site has green space for children, chickens and fruit trees, energy-efficient homes, solar panels and fuel fences, a cob oven, greenhouses, and a small pond. 

Our model of social change is an ongoing process of personal transformation, community constructive programs, and nonviolent action to transform systems of violence, racism, and exploitation. Seeking God's mercy and wisdom, we join hands with others to create a vision of hope for the future and build a neighborhood and world we wish to say "YES" to. 

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