Actions for your home

Eat more vegetables and less industrially grown meat

Eat food that is grown nearby and sustainably

Grow a garden in the back or front yard. Start small with the easy plants like lettuce, greens, beans, corns, and tomatoes. Then start planting fruit trees. Do some research to select the varieties that are low maintenance in your area

Create a compost pile for soil fertility and use straw to cover the soil in your garden to keep away weeds, use less water and moderate soil temperatures

Weatherize and insulate your home -especially the attic- and seal up those leaky windows

Switch to LED lighting

Hook up a solar dryer for your clothes (remember the old clothesline?)

Put your electric hot water heater on a timer and have it on when you use it most -and don't forget to insulate any exposed pipes and set the temperature as low as is practical

Wherever possible, bike or walk to the places that are within two miles. Jump on the bus, too! If you have to use the car, consolidate trips when possible