Actions for your neighborhood

Create a sustainability hub in your neighborhood that is on an abandoned lot a city/county property, or a generous landowner. It could include tool lending library, compost drop off hub for neighbors to bring food scraps, community garden space, wood chips and mulch depot for all to use in their gardens an yards, a mini library to encourage reading, a community bicycle repair station, an electric car charging station. If needed, you can buy liability insurance for a few hundred dollars a year

With your neighbors, construct a shared greenhouse for early plant starts and extending the growing season

Create a community garden for neighbors to use. Talk with seniors, youth, and those short on cash to get involved

Together construct a community cob/earthen or large solar oven to cook breads, pizzas, and much more. It is a great gathering place, too

Together, buy an inexpensive house nearby and make it available for recent immigrants or refugee families who need lower rent and neighborhood support. Grow food around the house

Together, plant fruit trees along your neighborhood streets to create a neighborhood orchard for all to enjoy its beauty, fruits, cooling effect, and carbon capture. Include flowers and herbs, too!

Humbly yet powerfully let your light shine, by taking your own plate and utensils to meals where disposables will be used, ride your bike or walk to places others only think of driving to let them see it can be done, pick a product you refuse like palm oil, chocolate picked by child workers -and boycott it

Invite your club or congregation to seek ways to have conversations and/or joint action with people of a different racial or socioeconomic background