Vine & Fig's Team


Tom Benevento

Coordinating Partner 

Tom has been with Vine & Fig for 13 years and is the New Community Project onsite director. He enjoys welcoming people and working toward a more sustainable and just way of life.

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Melissa Howard

Coordinating Partner

Melissa has been with Vine & Fig for 11 years. She enjoys animals, especially the cats living around the house, and helping people. She also is a talented artist -she hand crafted the mural on the back of the white house and several of our signs!

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Irma Cabral

Coordinating Partner

Irma has been with Vine & Fig for nine years. She enjoys gardening and cultivating healing relationships through working with the earth and humanity.

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Kathy Yoder

Educational Outreach Program

Kathy, our Educational Outreach Program Coordinator, joined Vine and Fig in 2019. She enjoys creating magical garden spaces for children to explore that enables them to connect with nature. She wants children to lead the way to community based composting.

Contact Kathy:

(540) 434-7981

White House Advisory Committee 

Earl Martin

Carolyn Staffer

Cindy Hunter

David Brubaker

Meghan Williamson

Johann Zimmermann

Sam Nickels

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