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Vine & Fig supports the incubation of projects that focus on social justice and ecological healing.

Each has its own leadership committee and receives nonprofit status through New Community Project.

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If a community-powered solar project could work for one nonprofit, we thought, why not for others? And so Give Solar was born.

Coordinator of Give-Solar: 

Jeff Heie


Renew Rocktown

Renew Rocktown is a coalition of Harrisonburg organizations committed to climate action and environmental sustainability. We value inclusiveness and community-driven participation. Our work addresses the intersection of environmental sustainability and social justice issues.

Sustainable Energy


(Environmental Performance Standards Advisory Committee)


Formed in 2017, EPSAC was created by the city council in response to community-wide sustainability goals. 

Coordinator of Renew Rocktown: 

Jeff Heie

Contact for EPSAC: 

Doug Hendren

Ray of Light

Silver Run Forest Farm

Silver Run Forest Farm is a riparian nursery and folk school rooted in love and living soil. These roots grow out as agroforestry, watershed health, and restorative justice. We tend the silver waters of the Shenandoah -Cub Run, Blacks Run and downstream- by farming in the image of the forest and remediating the toxins that pollute our souls, society, and soil, from chemical leaching to white supremacy. In fact, we see all this as an expression of restorative justice, a way of transforming harm and injustice by respecting needs, holding ourselves accountable for healing, and making relationships and conditions as right as possible so that all creatures can be fully themselves!

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50 by 25 Clean Energy for All

The 50 by 25 campaign originated in compassion for the earth and our neighbors, and moving toward a clean energy transition can help build a sustainable future. We are a group of Harrisonburg residents and neighbors based out of Renew Rocktown. The campaign is a call for the city to take action on climate change, increase renewable energy, and make home energy costs affordable through energy efficiency programs. We also want to promote a cultural shift that encourages individual creative actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and overall consumption and increase community participation and empowerment. 

Cofounders and Caretakers: ​

Jonathan McRay & Cornelius Fratz


Soil Cycles

Soil Cycles collected & composted food waste from residences, restaurants, and events using bicycles in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Through this work, they built soil, encouraged local food production, and created meaningful jobs in the community. Soil Cycles offered their patrons to continue composting with Black Bear Composting after the project organizers moved on to their next adventure. We remember what a great model of composting it was for our community. Thank you Amelia, Nidhi and Brian!

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Northend Greenway

A 2.5-mile shared-use path connecting people in north Harrisonburg with places they want to go. From Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community to residential neighborhoods, Eastern Mennonite University, Eastern Mennonite School, community centers, and more. 

Contact for Northend Greenway: 

Merridy Gnagey

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